Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today the story of a not so happy project

Last Easter I made some eggs.. some very bad eggs, I boiled and blew the eggs out then sculpted not so happy faces on them. Now the paperclay is a completely different colour than the eggs, so when I began dipping everything in tea to stain it, the faces went dark, the eggs barely stained at all.. frustrated I took the eggs with their sculpted faces and washed them.. NOT a good idea when one is using paperclay, their features eroded and all the careful sanding I had done was gone, now they really were bad eggs. I tied some ribbon to a broken toothpick and inserted it into the hole at the top of the egg, so when held upright the toothpick would keep the ribbon from coming out.
I then decided to try painting them.. again a mistake.. the paint simply wouldn't stick to the eggs, worked great on the paperclay, but not the shell. It went like this for days and days, until frustrated I gave up and admitted that my "bad eggs" were a bad idea. I hung them from my leafless tree at easter, then brought them inside and hung them on the wall.
Now something I hadn't counted on was my cats fascination with the bad eggs . The first one I found smashed to a million pieced at the foot of the stairs. The next I saw fleetingly as my cat ran down the hallway dragging the poor egg behind it.. this went on and on.. finally there is but one egg left, hidden away so I can remember what they looked like. The cats managed to find and destroy the rest.
Bad eggs indeed.


Sue said...

Oh dear...I'm reading along and thinking, well, not all ideas turn out and we learn by our mistakes. I'm sorry, but by the end of your post, I was laughing because of the cats. I can sooooooooo understand!


Flo said...

I wish you a happy and magic christmas....

Flora said...

What a loss, BAD KITTIES!!! I love the look of your Bad Eggs, I think you should have left the eggs unpainted with the clay painted!!?