Thursday, November 18, 2010

Today the story of a not so happy project

Last Easter I made some eggs.. some very bad eggs, I boiled and blew the eggs out then sculpted not so happy faces on them. Now the paperclay is a completely different colour than the eggs, so when I began dipping everything in tea to stain it, the faces went dark, the eggs barely stained at all.. frustrated I took the eggs with their sculpted faces and washed them.. NOT a good idea when one is using paperclay, their features eroded and all the careful sanding I had done was gone, now they really were bad eggs. I tied some ribbon to a broken toothpick and inserted it into the hole at the top of the egg, so when held upright the toothpick would keep the ribbon from coming out.
I then decided to try painting them.. again a mistake.. the paint simply wouldn't stick to the eggs, worked great on the paperclay, but not the shell. It went like this for days and days, until frustrated I gave up and admitted that my "bad eggs" were a bad idea. I hung them from my leafless tree at easter, then brought them inside and hung them on the wall.
Now something I hadn't counted on was my cats fascination with the bad eggs . The first one I found smashed to a million pieced at the foot of the stairs. The next I saw fleetingly as my cat ran down the hallway dragging the poor egg behind it.. this went on and on.. finally there is but one egg left, hidden away so I can remember what they looked like. The cats managed to find and destroy the rest.
Bad eggs indeed.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


And today, with a terrible toothache and two vehicles in need of repair I feel like my angry little teacup.
I painted up a bunch of these months ago, but they just sort of sat around collecting dust for the longest while and now unfortunately are missing entirely.. I *know* I put them somewhere...
So dentist or cars.. my face hurts. :(
I am also embarking on the writing of a fairytale.. or so I thought. It is turning out to be frustratingly difficult to get the words I want down on paper. I am not really a writer, so who knows if it will be any good in the end.
I have finished up the first *chapter?* and only hate it a little bit, so that's good news!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Paper dolls anyone?

I was playing around a few weeks ago and made some articulated paper dolls, the idea is to cut them out, use a tiny hole punch and fasten the whole lot together with tiny brads. I don't know if I "love" them, but here is one, enjoy!

click here to download a printable PDF