Monday, November 15, 2010

Paper dolls anyone?

I was playing around a few weeks ago and made some articulated paper dolls, the idea is to cut them out, use a tiny hole punch and fasten the whole lot together with tiny brads. I don't know if I "love" them, but here is one, enjoy!

click here to download a printable PDF


Papillon Bleu said...

I love to make these too! Will have to show you one day.

Thank you for this lovely gift and also, thank you for joining in my dolly world.

Am going to print out this dolly now! YAY! how fun!

Flo said...

She's so incredible this paper doll... Thanks !

Insects and Oddities said...

You're welcome!! :D
I have a few more kicking around here and will post them soon.

Sue said...


Your blog is lovely! Thanks for visiting me!


Heather Henry said...

This is fantastic, I know a couple of lovely young girls who would adore this. Thank you for sharing! Very lovely! :)