Wednesday, November 17, 2010


And today, with a terrible toothache and two vehicles in need of repair I feel like my angry little teacup.
I painted up a bunch of these months ago, but they just sort of sat around collecting dust for the longest while and now unfortunately are missing entirely.. I *know* I put them somewhere...
So dentist or cars.. my face hurts. :(
I am also embarking on the writing of a fairytale.. or so I thought. It is turning out to be frustratingly difficult to get the words I want down on paper. I am not really a writer, so who knows if it will be any good in the end.
I have finished up the first *chapter?* and only hate it a little bit, so that's good news!


Sue said...

Nothing worse than a toothache! I think your angry teacup illustrates this very well. Hope you feel better soon (vehicles too)


Missy said...

This is great I love your style (it reminds me of Edward Gorey). I found your blog cuz I saw your little avatar on someone else's blog and it peeked my curiousity.

Heather Henry said...

I too, was intrigued by your avatar. I love your style and your wit. I am definitely going to enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for sharing in such a fun and honest way. Your artwork is quite inspiring! :)