Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I made another one :)

oh how I do love making these! This one is all hand done in black and gold, with glass pearl beads and pretty little  beaded tassels that fall at the temples. I put this one up on etsy for sale and am beginning another one for another friend of mine. It measures almost 5 inches at the peak and looks fabulous on, I've been quite sick lately so I am not gonna take a picture of me in it at this time lol

here is the link to my etsy shop too,  I put my little dolls up there a bit ago too


Missy said...

Oh wow, very beautiful!

Joey Polanski said...

The one for me would, I would hope,

Be jeweled, with lamé, and in taupe,

But taller than that --

Like a fine papal hat --

In case I'm elected the Pope.