Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So I have been terribly ill lately.. with a sore throat that still 6 days later, has not gone away.. it's just moving about.
It's insidious.. and crafty, everymorning I wake to find the pain has moved to the other side, or the top etc... not fun.

So in my ill state I have been painting a bit.. this my friends is a "Green Tailed Fin Tin" drawn to the specification of a 5 yr old,  and though I apparently got the tail all wrong, I think it turned out not too shabby.

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Leslie Hawes said...

Oh, I agree. The tail is all wrong! :)
Every Green Tailed Fin Tin that I have ever seen has a much thicker tail of a much darker shade of green. Maybe this is a juvenile Fin Tin...could explain it :)

What a delightful blog, and artwork and imagination!